Expression of Interest: A Call for AHRC-Funded Research

AHRC-Funded Principal Investigators invite  to contribute a piece on  research projects as part of the ‘case studies’ section of our website.  The aim of this part of our website is to profile current and recently completed AHRC funded research projects and to show the breadth and range of research currently being undertaken on the Heritage Priority Area. AHRC particularly aim to showcase projects which take innovative and creative approaches to heritage and which engage with areas identified as priorities within the AHRC Heritage Research Strategy.

AHRC will only be able to show a selection of work as we aim to have 1-2 new case studies per month, so it will not be able to host all research on our website. However, AHRC will – where possible – tweet all projects who have responded to this call.

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area Leadership team works with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the heritage research community, and heritage partner organisations, to draw together and stimulate the development of a wide range of research across the arts and humanities that makes an important contribution to understanding heritage and key global challenges. AHRC also aim to support the interconnections between research, policy and practice, both in the UK and internationally.