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NHIG Conference – Forging Ahead

Ten-minute champions at Forging Ahead: New Perspectives on Heritage Ironwork

Are you passionate about one particular piece of ironwork? Could you speak about it for 10 minutes? Will you win over the audience and persuade everyone that yours is the best?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, then this is your chance to speak at the V&A.

The 10-minute champions slot at our Conference Forging Ahead at the V&A on 14th November will give you the opportunity to share your enthusiasm with an inspiring pitch that will win over the crowds. Think Dragon’s Den meets the opposite of Room 101

Whether it’s a nail or a scroll, a suit of armour or a gun barrel, a pier, hinge, lock or clock, we want to hear what makes you tick.

Who will be crowned the Heritage Ironwork Champion of 2019 at our 10th Anniversary Conference (the ironwork equivalent of the Oscars)? The audience vote will decide on the night.


  • Open to anyone who works with or is involved with metals
  • Must be ‘heritage’ but that could include ‘heritage of the future’ so no date restrictions
  • Can be any size, from a pin to a pylon
  • You could champion a particular style or practitioner but it must be via an object  Must be illustrated by no more than 10 slides (a slide a minute)
  • Champion must be able to stand up and speak for their choice in an engaging way

Submissions by way of a brief synopsis of your pitch and brief bio by Friday 30th August to: NHIG Conference Team via Subject Heading: 10-minute champions

Successful pitches will be informed that they have been selected by 30th September 2019