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Call for Papers – Florence Heri-Tech – The Future of Heritage Science and Technologies International Conference 4th Edition

Submissions close: 25 Mar 2024

The idea is to create a synergy between Cultural Heritage and New Technologies

The idea is create a synergy between business world and university world

The International Conference Florence Heri-Tech: the Future of Heritage Science and Technologies, involves a large number of researches and scholars from around the world and puts the industry’s current issues under spotlight, specifically on issues related to innovative techniques and technologies for Cultural Heritage. The Conference is part of the Florence International Biennial for Art and Restoration, an international event attracting prestigious institutions and companies and creating a unique opportunity to bring together the academic word with industry. The Conference will be a significant opportunity to bring together the academic world with industry.

Heri-Tech is the first International Conference to welcome major researchers and scholars from all over the world, focusing on current and future issues in the field on issues related to innovative techniques and technologies. The city of Florence will therefore be the international heart of Restoration and Cultural and Environmental assets as well as a forum for meeting and discussing for experts, operators and enthusiasts from around the world. The Conference will be a significant opportunity for exchange between researchers and companies for the promotion of productive excellence, technological evolution, the greater use of culture for younger sections of the population and specialization in the educational field for graduates and PhD students.

The final objectives are:

To foster European mobility and co-operation between students and staff; to enhance Europe’s development as a multi-cultural society and to encourage the concept that scientific-cultural research must be an integral part of society; to promote international networks between universities, training institutes and companies to create long-term collaboration opportunities; to create favourable conditions for young graduates to enter the world of work; to demonstrate the influence of new technologies in the arts and how they can be used for innovative teaching and learning; and to establish contacts and cooperation between Institutions in the Academic world and the world of work.

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Call for Abstracts – IEREK: Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 8th Edition

University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Conference: 17th – 20th September 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline: 24th March 2024


Architectural conservation is something that embraces not just architecture in all its various forms, but a vast range of other subjects – environmental politics, urban planning, urban economics and tourism, and even war destructions and renewal […] Conservation is, and has always been, an integral part of modern society and its environment, like all the modern environments, did not just happened”.

(Miles Glendinning 2013)

Starting from this concept, the International Conference on “Conservation of Architectural Heritage” (CAH) aims at bringing together academics and professionals who care about heritage from different points of view and share their visions in protecting, preserving, and enhancing cultural heritage for the future.

Architectural and Cultural Heritage is testimony of past societies’ values, and achievements, as well as political, social and economic systems. Such heritage is represented in tangible and intangible forms and at landscape, urban and architectural scales. Across these scales, it also embodies both material and immaterial values and informs current and future societies with invaluable information of their history and identity. Unfortunately, cultural sites are no longer the same as they used to be. They are exposed to losing their authenticity and identity bit by bit due to many decay factors. Also, the different levels of scale and the wide range of chronologies introduce different challenges that academics and professionals respond to in our contemporary time. For example, the concepts of archaeology, history, and identity are not the same between historic and modern heritage sites, which presents an additional challenge to conserve and protect heritage that is not commonly seen as a legacy of the past (e.g. modern heritage). Thus, it is important to advocate the need for equal consideration and in-depth studies for our heritage considering its time, scales and values. In addition, there is unprecedented recognition of culture within the Sustainable Development Goals which is going to play a crucial role. In becoming a fundamental discourse within Sustainability, Cultural Heritage research will employ techniques and methodologies belonging to the Arts and Humanities, Architecture, Restoration and Conservation, and Creative Practices, along with Sciences, Technology and Engineering.

Thus, the conference is not only going to talk about heritage but also about how to preserve it considering the diversity of scales, typologies, uses, periods of construction, and state of conservation, as well as how to link it to the broader topics of sustainability, accessibility and assessment of values. In doing so, the conference is going to start by identifying concepts and topics of cultural heritage and its subtle link with the environment.

The conference has proven its success year by year, and this 8th edition, held in collaboration with the University of Cagliari and the University of Portsmouth, is going to stand out by discussing all the Art and Science of Heritage.

Selected papers of the conference will be published in a book series under the title of Advances in Science, Technology, & Innovation (ASTI) by Springer. Others will be published in the Resource Dings journal by IEREK Press.


The 8th edition of the “Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH)” conference comprehensively covers the topic of heritage conservation & maintenance against decay factors. Additionally, it aims to bring the topic of conservation considering archaeological, historic, modern, and contemporary heritage, the diversity of scales: landscape, urban and architectural ones. This will be explored within the umbrella of sustainability and accessibility discussing the relations between cultural heritage preservation and development.  The conference envelops interdisciplinary and co-creative methods of the conservation of both tangible heritage sites in the form of architectural landmarks, civic and military heritage, and associated intangible aspects of heritage. It touches upon the significance, authenticity and identity of cultural heritage and the economic impact that its conservation brings. Encompassing various methods of heritage preservation, the conference also covers citizens’ as well as governmental policy implementation & NGOs’ role in the process. In addition, tourism’s impact on heritage sites, innovative design methods and climate change adaptations are integral to the conference focus.

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WMF – 2025 World Monuments Watch

Nominations Close – 15 Mar 2024, 5pm EDT

World Monuments Fund is delighted to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the 2025 World Monuments Watch.

The World Monuments Watch is a nomination-based program that connects local heritage preservation to global awareness and action. The Watch rallies support to places in need and the people who care for them, spotlighting new challenges and the communities worldwide harnessing heritage to confront the crucial issues of our time. WMF partners with the people who know these places best, amplifying their efforts through advocacy, training, and close collaboration with WMF’s expert team and professionals across the globe. 

Safeguarding heritage is our shared mission—be part of this initiative by submitting your nomination today. For more information, click here

SHT Awards: Open for Nominations

The Sussex Heritage Trust is accepting nominations until 22nd March for its Annual Awards showcasing high quality architecture and conservation projects across the county.

There are 11 categories to enter, ranging from Commercial to Small Scale Residential, from Ecclesiastical Buildings to Building Crafts.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on 10th July. Read how to make your application here.