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Large models in small urban settlements

Deadline June 30, 2014

Hill-top towns are typical in most of Europe in an historical phase that starts from VIIIth cent. until XVth. cent. AD. Prior to the Xth cent. fortification of towns, called by historians “incastellamento”,  several settlements seem to reoccupy archaic sites, moving from the valleys to the hill-tops and modifying the social structure of former villages. Many of these settlements today need to be preserved but also to be developed, so the study of their formation process is useful also for the contemporary development.

Which models were adopted in the ancient design process, do some of the models derive from larger settlements ?

Is the small urban hill-top/hill-side settlement phenomena general through Europe ?

The journal editors invite participation by interested academics and professionals. Proposals for papers should be in English and should preferably not exceed 20000 characters with an English abstract in less than 1000 characters and up to five keywords.

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Call for papers: Invention and Imagination in British Art and Architecture, 600—1500

This conference will take place between 30 October and 1 November 2014 at the Paul Mellon Centre and the British Museum. It will explore the ways in which artists and patrons in Britain devised and introduced new or distinctive imagery, styles and techniques, as well as novel approaches to bringing different media together. It is concerned with the mechanisms of innovation, with inventive and imaginative processes, and with the relations between conventions and individual expression. The conference will also address the notions of sameness and difference in medieval art and architecture, and how these may be evaluated and explained historically.

Topics for discussion can include authorship, creativity, experimentation, envisaging, representation, and regulation by guilds or patrons, as well as case studies of particular objects, buildings, commissions or practices. Papers should be of twenty minutes’ duration. Proposals/abstracts of 500 words should be submitted to Ella Fleming by 25 March 2014.

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YOCOCU – Call for Abstracts

Youth in Conservation of Cultural Heritage YOCOCU on 28-30 May 2014 in Azerbaijan. There young professionals, students and researchers are called to increase and strengthen their consciousness and TO DEVELOP NEW WAYS AND METHODS OF KNOWLDGE. The senior professionals are strongly invited to participate to this process and to exchange your idea and experience with young professionals.

Abstracts can only be submitted via email


Topics: 1-Metal, 2-Stone. 3-Glass and Ceramics, 4-Pigments and Paintings, 5-Organic materials and Textiles 6-Cultural and Educational Experiences, 7-Archaeology and Integrated studies