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Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage

We have already attracted a great deal of interest in the forthcoming conference, with abstracts coming from many disciplines and from presenters over 24 countries. However, due to popular demand we are extending the Call for Papers deadline and would be particularly interested in receiving abstracts (of 300 words) that address the following themes:

  • The heritage of Atlantic crossings
  • The Trans-Atlantic as a tourist space
  • Disaporic heritages across the Atlantic
  • Travelling intangible heritages
  • Heritage flows of popular culture
  • Re-defining heritage beyond the postcolonial
  • Visualising the Trans-Atlantic world

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Convergence of People and Places-Diverse Technologies and Practices

Convergence is the independent development of similar characteristics or approaches by different groups exposed to similar environments, challenges and practices. As those who are responsible for the care and preservation of our built heritage, we embrace convergence every day. Even with local or regional differences, the technologies and approaches that we develop and implement have common threads, which are largely the result of our history, knowledge, training, resources and practice.

APT Kansas City 2015 * November 1-5, 2015 * The Baltimore Club

Deadline: Sunday 22 Feb 2015

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National Trust Conference 2015: Heritage Energized

Heritage is an energy producer that consistently infuses Canadian communities with cultural and economic vitality, sparks new investment, and grounds us with a strong sense of place. The 2015 National Trust Conference will explore how heritage energy can turn places around, empower people, and create opportunities. It will also shine a spotlight on how the heritage movement itself is being transformed through its evolving relationship with property development, arts and culture, sustainable living, philanthropy, and the cultural diversity of Canada.

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