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Health, Housing, and Wellbeing in the UK New Towns

7-8 April 2022

The Post-Covid world has put a focus on planning and designing for housing which both contribute to health and wellbeing, and the current debates on climate change and sustainability add another urgent layer. The experience of the UK New Towns and recent experiments in building Garden Towns and Villages have much to offer in that debate.

In association with the New Towns Heritage Research Network, the Centre for British Studies of the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris (a member of the Sorbonne Nouvelle research centre on the English-speaking world) is organising a study day and field trip on 7-8 April 2022 on housing and the challenges of designing for health and wellbeing in a period of climate change using the example of the British New Towns.

The conference will be conducted in English. It will consider the positive lessons to be learned for the planning and design of the New Towns and the challenges of re-design they now face as part of a multi-disciplinary and cross-sector debate.

We are inviting papers from British and French practitioners, civic societies as well as from academic researchers.

Funding is available for accommodation for up to 8-10 participants from the UK. Travel expenses may be paid for depending on our final budget.

The conference organisers welcome papers that could focus on:

  • The housing crisis and UK New Towns
  • Innovative housing design and re-design in the UK New Towns
  • The Covid 19 pandemic, health questions and UK New Towns
  • The evolution of New Town planning and housing heritage in the face of modern challenges for sustainability
  • The expansion or wider regeneration of New Towns

Proposals for contributions including title and abstract of 300 words should be sent to Professor David Fee by November 30th 2021 at

Stone Digital’s Shaping a Sustainable Future conference

‘Stone Digital – Shaping a Sustainable Future’ is a new, high-level online event for the stone industry to discuss topics such as how to meet and benefit from the requirements of Net Zero carbon emissions and the continuing evolution of the digitalisation of construction.

The event takes place online only on 22 & 23 February 2022.

The industry is undoubtedly changing at a rapid pace. Understanding and exploring those changes will help to identify the opportunities they present.

If you believe you have experiences and knowledge that could contribute to the debate, the organisers of Stone Digital would like to receive your proposal for consideration. Presentations will be of about 20 minutes and you will be required to participate in live Q&As, which will be chaired by professional presenter Susannah Streeter.

Susannah has held a number of key roles for BBC World Service, BBC World TV and BBC One Breakfast news, as well as hosting sustainability-themed conferences including the World Green Summit in Dubai.

The Stone Digital event  is being run by the organisers of the Natural Stone Show & Hard Surfaces exhibitions in conjunction with Stone Federation Great Britain.

Jane Buxey, CEO of Stone Federation, says: “Stone Federation are delighted to be supporting Stone Digital. We encourage all those in the natural stone sector to take advantage of the opportunities that Stone Digital will provide.”

Richard Bradbury, Managing Director of QMJ Group, which runs the stone exhibitions in London, says: “Decarbonisation and Digitalisation will transform the stone industry over the next decade. Join us as a speaker or panellist to share your knowledge and expertise, and contribute to the important conversation on how these challenges can be turned into opportunities for the sector.” 

Papers are invited around the themes listed here.

Cultures, Communities, and Design – A Conference Connecting Planning, Landscapes, Architecture, and People

With environment and energy ministers from the Group of Twenty soon to meet in Glasgow, the University of Calgary’s “Cultures, Communities and Design” conference calls for contributions on sustainable built environment development and how it relates to architecture, urban design, regional planning and rural areas and communities. Please submit an abstract.

The University of Calgary
June 28-30, 2022
Abstracts: 01 December, 2021 (Round 1)


Urban Design + Planning; Architecture + Infrastructure; Teaching + Learning; Society + Communities; Sustainability + Development


Cambridge Scholars Publishing and UCL Press.


University of Calgary. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape