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Open House International Journal

2016: Transformations in Architecture and Urbanism of Cities in the Global South (Volume 41, Issue 2) and Advances in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism (Vol 41, Issue 4)

The journal would be interested in receiving abstracts from SEDA members who may be able to contribute to the two issues outlined below – in particular with regard to Advances in Sustainable Architecture & Urbanism…

Hidden Heritage

Hidden heritage has been overlooked area in both British and International heritage for many years, why has this occurred and should it continue?

How can heritage professional’s contribute to a better understanding and engage the general public both now and for generations to come?

We invite submissions for papers on hidden heritage to be presented at the conference. If the current lack of knowledge or engagement has affected you or your institutions, we would like to hear from you.

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Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes

The journal’s main emphasis is on detailed and documentary analysis of specific sites in all parts of the world, with focus on both design and reception. The journal is also specifically interested in garden and landscape history as part of wider contexts such as social and cultural history and geography, aesthetics, technology, (most obviously horticulture), presentation and conservation.

The Journal welcomes submissions from art historians, architectural historians and landscape architects worldwide. The Editor is also interested in receiving suggestions and drafts by email, though for final submissions they must be sent as a hard copy.

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Urban Media Studies: Concerns, intersections and challenges

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science – Call for papers and panels
Media related practices are grounded in the city – where the majority of human population today lives – and media as both technologies and representations pervade nearly all aspects of urban living, cutting through diverse forms of public appearance, community, control, resistance and habitation. more….