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ICON – A closer look at conservation materials


The Stone & Wall Paintings committee is pleased to introduce a series of talks: A closer look at conservation materials.

The series has a dual aim: to create a space for presentation and discussion between companies and conservators; and to provide a platform to present research on conservation materials. The presentations are aimed at practicing conservators, aiming at gaining more insight into materials used in conservation.

This is a call to parties interested in presenting research (old and new) on materials used for the conservation of built heritage, stone, and wall painting. It is aimed at organisations that develop and produce materials for conservation, and at researchers advancing the knowledge of materials used in conservation.  

We are especially interested in:

  • sustainable products and technologies;
  • products based on scientific research;
  • products specially developed for conserving building materials, architectural decorations, stone, and wall painting, and
  • advances in the knowledge of materials currently used in the conservation community.

The general objectives of these talks are to:

  • create a professional exchange between companies and the conservation community,
  • generate a constructive space for conservators to ask questions and comment on new products or products they have not used, and
  • demonstrate how science and research are a fundamental part of heritage conservation.

If you are interested in making a presentation, please submit an abstract by 23rd December 2022 at:

N.B. The committee and Icon are not recommending or endorsing the use of specific materials, the series aims to create a space for presentation and critical discussion.