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Inheriting the City: Advancing Understandings of Urban Heritage

We welcome perspectives on all aspects of urban heritage / heritage in the urban context – world heritage, historic urban landscapes, colonial heritage, religious heritage, intangible heritage and traditions, museum heritage, food heritage etc. Potential themes of interest include:

  • Innovative modalities of protection and planning urban heritage
  • Community approaches to and uses of, urban heritage
  • City based tourism and visitor economies of urban heritage
  • Urban heritage as a form of social resistance
  • Heritage as city memory
  • Cosmopolitan urban heritage and re-creating identities
  • Global and mega-city competition through heritage
  • Revitalising the city through heritage
  • Sub-urban  and sub-altern heritage
  • Urban spaces, traditions and intangible heritage

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IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress

The diversity of materials, processes and modes of creative expression making up our contemporary cultures presents ever more complex challenges for the conservation profession. Whether considering works of art, architecture, products of contemporary design, or other media, the profession is having to adapt to an expanding set of values and demands, while attempting to maintain existing ethics, philosophies and best practices. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in navigating the delicate balance between the artist’s or creator’s intent and the preservation of original materials and procedures when these appear to be in direct conflict.

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