Transformative Teaching Focus on Pedagogy

The academy brings in students from general education. It prepares them for a world of work and practice. In the process, it seeks to ‘transform’ them – opening students to the myriad of possibilities education is expected to bring.

Considered within this context, there a multitude of issues we need to consider. How we support entry level students? How we foster the critical self-reflection needed for lifelong learning? In a technologically fluid world, how do we keep up with changing media and practice? How do we support the engagement and understanding of our students with the social issues and players they will engage with once they leave? In short, how are we contributing to the transformative experience of education?

This conference seeks to foster a multifaceted consideration of what we do within the academy; how we teach; how students learn; and how we engage beyond its walls. 

The conference has several strands that reflect the research areas of each university partner and Routledge as publisher. They include:
Florida State University University of Dundee Zayed University AMPS

Abstract deadline : 30 June, 2022 (Round One) | 5 October, 2022 (Round 2)