Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoats: Protective surface finishes for metals

Abstracts of 250 words are invited for submission by Friday, 30th August 2013

The ICON Metals Group’s upcoming one-day conference, scheduled for November 8th 2013, will focus on all aspects of surface finishes for metals. The aim is to discuss the spectrum of treatment options, the range of conservation-grade products available, which surface coatings and finishes to opt for dependent upon metal type and (if relevant) the object’s location, and any practical issues related to the physical application of coatings. Can we prove there is any such a thing as a ‘dreamcoat’?! – or is maintenance the real issue?

We invite papers from both public and private practitioners who work with historic ironwork, large metalwork, machinery/vehicles, sculptures, indoor metalwork, outdoor metalwork, museum pieces, and objects within historic house environments.

We would like to create a discussion around practicalities and what has been found to work, whether this be anecdotal or scientific.

Papers are invited for 20-minute presentations on any aspect of the application of coatings to metal surfaces, ideally through case study, with a view to producing a programme that will include the use and discussion of:

Waxes (hot & cold applications)
Primers and paints
Maintenance plans vs surface coatings

Papers should be submitted to Deborah Cane –

Further details: LINK

Collections Care & Conservation Department

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

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