2nd Call for Papers – 21st IIWC Symposium York, UK – 12-15 September 2018

Wood has been one of the most commonly used construction materials throughout history, the result being a wide range of architectures reflecting different cultures and spread across every region of the world. Wooden built heritage is pervasive across time, belief systems and typologies: from waterlogged Mesolithic sites to painted church screens, shipwrecks to barns, temple shrines to portable huts, and from window frames to roof trusses.

In 1994 the Nara Document on Authenticity addressed the need for a broader understanding of cultural diversity and cultural heritage. The discussions that eventually led to the Nara Document were is some way influenced by the varying approaches to conservation of wooden heritage in different world cultures.

The 21st IIWC Symposium in York will have as its theme ‘New Horizons in the Conservation of Wooden Built Heritage’, and will give experts, professionals and practitioners the opportunity to discuss and exchange knowledge and insights about the many different perspectives of conservation of wooden heritage. It will be an interchange for new research and technical advancements, and a forum to engage our diverse community with the common goal of exploring new multi-disciplinary viewpoints and potentialities in the field of conservation.

The IIWC York symposium will provide a platform for experts, professionals and practitioners to showcase their work and obtain feedback from other symposium delegates.

Who should attend? ICOMOS members and non-members alike are welcome including: foresters, ecologists and archaeobotonists, carpenters, joiners and archaeologists, wood scientists, anthropologists and librarians, mill wrights and cultural historians, academics and conservators, financiers, property owners, legislators and project managers, engineers and architects, and researchers, educators, archivists, curators and students.

2nd Call for Papers:

On behalf of the ICOMOS International Wood Committee and ICOMOS-UK we invite papers to be presented at New Horizons, York 2018.

Papers are invited from both ICOMOS members and non-members.

Important dates:

  • 2 March 2018: 1st Call for Papers
  • 8 April 2018: 2nd Call for Papers
  • 15 May 2018: Deadline for submission of Abstracts; those sent after the deadline will not be considered.
  • 12 June 2018: Selected speakers notified of their selection
  • 12 -15 September 2018: ‘New Horizons’ – IIWC Symposium York 2018
Please find attached for your reference a copy of the Symposium notification and Call for Papers. Further information can be found at

We look forward to receiving your contributions and to seeing you in York this September.