Science Slam on “Sustainable Cities”

You are young, interested in questions of urban sustainability and studying or working in a related field? You are interested in getting to know people from the same field in an intellectually challenging atmosphere, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Austrian mountain village Alpbach? You dare to step up in front of them and tell them about your own ideas and projects?

We invite you to take part in a Science Slam on “Sustainable Cities” at the Built Environment Symposium during this year’s European Forum Alpbach, from 29 to 30 August, 2013!

You get the chance to present your ideas on urban sustainability in Alpbach according to the Science Slam rules: You have 8 minutes for the presentation (a max. of 3 power point slides with only visual presentations is allowed, if needed) – be creative and give an interesting, entertaining and still substantial presentation! What counts is not only the topic but also the way you present it. The winner will be identified by the audience and be awarded by the European Forum Alpbach.

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