Place and space in the medieval world

Abstracts up to 250 words are invited by 15 January 2015 for a conference to be held at the King’s Manor, York, on 29 to 31 May 2015. Proposals should be sent by email to Heidi Stoner and Meg Boulton.

‘Space’ and ‘Place’ are terms that have had a ‘renaissance’ within medieval scholarship in recent decades, becoming increasingly employed to describe the cultural and intellectual landscape of the Middle Ages. However, despite the widely recognised importance of these terms, of late, various factions of scholars have begun to debate whether one has primacy over the other in terms of its agency and usefulness in determining how we conceptualise and discuss the medieval world. While taking into account these vagaries, this conference will extend the conversation surrounding these terms and ideas, considering the extant visual and textual sources alongside the contemporary scholarly discussions of this milieu.

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